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We help you see why your customers buy so you can chart a new pathway to growth and impact.

See your customers' unmet needsPlace smarter betsConnect the dots between product, marketing, sales, and success

How we help clients fix performance breakdowns

Deep interviews with 12+ customers who recently hired or fired you

  • 60-minute conversations designed to get the customer’s whole story - from first thought to first use, and everything that matters in between

  • Real stories, not opinions

  • Causation, not correlation

  • Proven methodology developed by Bob Moesta (The Rewired Group) and Clayton Christensen (The Innovator’s Dilemma)

  • Grounded in criminal and intelligence interrogation methods, not market research

Decoding the most critical drivers behind those decisions

  • Make-or-break features on and off your roadmap

  • How competitors sell against you

  • Outcomes customers want to achieve

  • Tradeoffs customers are and aren’t willing to make

  • Anxieties over switching to your solution

  • Habits customers refuse to break

  • Unpacking vague requirements like “ease-of-use” and “simple”

Placing smarter bets on the decisions that matter most

  • Product strategy

  • Positioning

  • Sales enablement

  • Demand gen

  • Campaign targets

  • When, where, and how to message and advertise

All this in 6 weeks.

Typical outcomes from working with us

Make the right product bets

  • Focus your roadmap on what causes your customers to buy and your users to use

  • Justify cutting features where customers make tradeoffs

Better understand the market

  • Become the authority on customer understanding in every cross-functional meeting

  • Grow your team’s capacity for listening to the market

Find better leads

  • Write a new product marketing playbook based on when and where customers need you

  • Listen to customers give you copy tailor-made for each step in the customer journey

Close more deals

  • See the hidden roadblocks stopping customers from buying your product

  • Home in on the competitors you need to beat - and what you need to do to win

Retain more customers

  • Diagnose why your customers are churning

  • Create more value for your existing customer and users

"Working with Alec gave me a new way of looking at things that changed me as a marketer.I have a defensible story of why things are happening. It connects the dots, and moved product marketing from correlation to causation.I know what levers to pull. Where to place bets. What to say, how to say it, when to say it."

Director, Product Marketing (EdTech)

How this works

We go deep with customers. Really deep.

Advanced interviewing techniques help customers drop their guard and reveal the information that leads to real insight.

We home in on what causes what. Opinions need not apply.

Real stories of how your customers hired and fired you. Beginning to end and what caused them to take each next step.

We find the patterns that matter. Distilled into actionable insight.

Why they bought. Decision drivers. Tradeoffs. Anxieties over switching to your solution. Habits they refuse to break. Language. Competitors.

We work hands-on with you to apply the insights.

One client at a time. Time for you every day of the week.

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